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Within just a few minutes you will start to feel your worries and stress melting away. Soon, as all of the suggestions get planted deeply into your mind and you continue to listen to the album you will begin to discover a deep sense of calm come over you and you may remember a time when you felt totally relaxed, without a care in the world. By the end of the album you will really feel how calm your body is and notice every breath you take.

script Used in This Subliminal Recording

I am calm
I am entering a deep inner state of calmness
I stay calm at all times
My body and mind are relaxed
I am always calm and relaxed
My physical body is relaxing
My tension is slipping away
My thoughts are slowing down
My mind is becoming calmer
My mind is calm and quietI feel totally relaxed
I am going deeper and deeper into my mind
I am surrounded by calming energy
I feel completely relaxed and at one


Play the tracks on a low volume, when you can relax and listen to the album uninterrupted for maximum results.

You will hear our soothing ocean sounds, and behind them, although inaudible to the human ear, our powerful subliminal messages will be entering your subconscious mind, providing a "Deep Calm" and a higher level of relaxation.

This album comes with a warning - DO NOT listen to it whilst driving, or operating any machinery, however after listening you will experience a fantastic feeling of being re-energized.

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