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This is the NEW, UPDATED version of the course which we already have here @
A Very Advanced Course for Release Technique graduates only!

A six-week course on 16 CDs, complete with a workbook and a partner to release with. This is an advanced course for Abundance Course graduates only.

Are you ready to go all the way to freedom? Are you ready to stop tolerating things in your life? Are you ready to take charge of your life and do what you truly love? If you are finally ready to really find the way, then this 8 tape series is for you. This advanced course works on the fear of dying and working on these deep, suppressed areas allows you to go very, very deep. And the wanting to be separate, which is a very deep hidden program.

What you will discover:
Discover how to have the life you truly love
Discover how to do only what you love
Enjoy a life free of worry and stress
Increase self-confidence
Attain better relationships at work and home
Be the person you were always meant to be
Get clear on your goals and then reach them
Make the most of your life and have the freedom to choose
Get unstuck and move forward with a wonderful life
Get clear on the direction you should go in life
Take back your life and your power
Be in charge of your life, fully
Move beyond constant, frenetic doing
Lift the ceiling of your success once and for all
Resolve money issues and have financial abundance
Create the life you always wanted

Here is a letter from a recent graduate of this course:


Dear Larry,
I just purchased "What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?" You mentioned that this was a powerful course, and boy you weren’t kidding!

I just listened to the first tape last night and BAMO! I feel like I stumbled into the source of FREEDOM, eternal bliss, that which is beyond value and more valuable than anything.

I wrote a few notes down this morning, to capture a little of what I experienced, which I would like to share with you and anyone else who might be interested. It was all stimulated by the very first tape in your course.

"I know that this brain does not know anything. I am not going to listen to it anymore. I’m amazed at how miserable I have been listening to my thoughts, and how miserable one’s thoughts make you. I am even more astonished that this is precisely the place where ALL, every single one of our problems come from! No where else! There is no misery until you start listening to your thoughts. The mind always looks for what is wrong. That’s what it thinks its job is. It is the sower of worry and anxiety. Knowing that I do not have to listen to the mind again is my greatest freedom.

"What is freedom? It is freedom from the mind. It is the state that you are in when you are no longer subjected to the mind. The mind is what binds us, puts us in bondage. Knowing that it is mine (this mind) and that I do not have to be a victim to it provides me with the golden key to freedom. The mind was the ONLY thing that was putting me in bondage, and now that I have gotten rid of it, I have gotten rid of that bondage.

"It is so simple. The mind is a creator of dreams that bind us. Everything but Being is a tape of the mind. Only Being is true. Everything else is false; and all falsehoods have their source in one place: the mind. How convenient. To destroy to all illusion, I have to go to only one source. ‘Lay the ax to the root’ of this one source and one is left with eternal bliss. One knows what FREEDOM is.

"We do not need to suffer, and we never needed to suffer. And the reasons for our suffering were so inconsequential, so empty . . . the bonds that held us had far less substance than a thin sheet of tissue. Roar with laughter at this hilarious joke! Love peace more than the story…

"There are no wants. There is nothing to do. Those thoughts are recordings of the brain, sowing the seeds of endless misery. The mind weaves a web to convince me that I am something that I am not. It wants me to think that I am what I do, or that I am this body, or that I am unsafe, or that I have unfulfilled wants that I must struggle after. If I listen, I fall into its snare and suffering, sweaty anxiety, fear, panic all are the result. But I do not have to listen. What the brain tells me are empty empty lies. I am infinite, eternally at rest, endlessly creative, full of laughter and peace."

Kat Bakhu

The order that Larry Crane advises people to do the advanced courses:

1) Goals and Resistance Course

2) What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up?

3) The Ultimate Time Management Course

4) The Relationships Course

5) The Programs Course

6) The Health and Fitness Mastery Course

This is more or less a 'bonus' of the $3,000 Lester 90 Day Release Program GB @ 25 GB (or donate) and be a member for 4 weeks to become Power User.

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